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Globally diversified balanced portfolio built with select index funds and ETFs. Tax aware by design. Our 0.12% pa fee is one of the lowest in the industry.


A simple algorithmic approach to portfolio management. Responsive to investor sentiment and asset valuation, reducing common human biases.

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Elm Partners' Funds are available only to accredited investors. The content of this website and related materials are not intended to solicit investment, but rather to elicit discussion and exploration of better ways to invest. The contents of this website do not comprise an offering document. Neither historical simulations nor past return performance are necessarily indicative of future returns. Elm Partners Management LLC is an investment advisor registered with the SEC. Here are the most recent copies of our Form ADV Part 1 and ADV Part 2A2B (including our Privacy Policy).

* Performance is based on a historically simulated portfolio of $1m invested in Elm’s dynamic asset allocation strategy designed for a US taxable investor, who is invested via our Fidelity SMAs, at the end of 2005 through April 2016. Past performance is not indicative of future returns. Performance is calculated using generic asset class indexes and adjusted for Elm’s management fees (0.12% per annum) and an estimation of vehicle costs and withholding tax on non-US equities (0.35% per annum).

Traditional static portfolio is a monthly rebalanced portfolio consisting 65% Global Equities (MSCI AC World Index Net TR), 20% US Fixed Income (BarCap US Aggregate) and 15% Money Market, adjusted for an estimation of vehicle costs (0.06% per annum).

Peer Group Average is based on ARC Private Client Indices, which provides performance numbers delivered to private clients by participating investment managers. Index used is USD Steady Growth, which is comprised of portfolios with 60%-80% equity risk.